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The Seasons Are Changing

October 28, 2008 10:19 am

Well, it seems that our Madison-style ‘fall’ is in full effect!  It’s 29F here today, that’s -1.7C, yikes!  Poor Pooja is still braving the cold this morning to go to her bus stop!

Just yesterday we had our first snow.  Here are a couple of shots I took of the blizzard flying by, the wind was wild!  You’ll probably have to open them up in full-size to see the snow going.

As it also happens, today is Diwali, so Happy Diwali everyone!!  We have lights put up and I love them, and since you’re all so far away I’d better share so that you can see!

Here is a shot from the inside.  I put them under the blinds so that they’re visible from the outside, but it still lights up really well inside!  The wall/ceiling behind the butterfly kite lights up blue as well, very pretty.

There’s still some space un-lit I suppose, but right now it makes me happy enough that we probably won’t buy an extra set of lights.  I did, however, choose the fancy new led lights with 88% reduced energy use, fun huh?  We’re so green!  I told Pooja that meant we could leave them on 24 hours a day, but she didn’t seem to agree.  Oh well!

Here’s what it looks like from the outside.  I had to use the flash, so it looks like daytime, but I couldn’t see anything without the flash except some bluish smudges!

Here’s another shot from the sidewalk, closer to what the driver’s by will see (still needed the flash).

We’re the coolest spot in the building!  Now why doesn’t everyone else have their Diwali lights up?

Fall and other pictures I’ve been withholding

October 17, 2008 3:31 pm

Hi Friends and Family!

It’s finally Fall, yay! To us this means the beginnings of school, crisp air, changing leaves, so many birthdays… and that I have been too “busy” to post or send any pictures.  Recently, Glenn and I took a trip to NC and Momma K (his mom) gave us a hard time about our picture-withholding, so this post is dedicated to her.

In her honor, I will ignore any chronological order and first post a picture of the first legitimate piece of furniture that Glenn and I have bought, a couch:

Here’s what our set up looked like right after my birthday when we had friends over:

We usually don’t use our random extra twin as an oversized ottoman like this, but for having friends over to watch TV, it workes pretty well. And don’t worry, we moved the painting to the left a bit after this picture was taken.

So, as I mentioned, it is indeed full blow Fall here in Madison, and many of the trees are already naked. But my walk to the bus stop is gorgeous:

But of course, my favorite part of Fall is almost always my birthday, which was September 30th, and my parents sent me this great bouquet:

And Glenn’s mom sent flowers and candy. Here are all three together:

I don’t have any pictures of us with our new friends to post, since I’m pretty bad about carrying around my camera, but Glenn and I have met a bunch of folks, mostly though the Psychology grad students and their spouses. School is going really well, as is Glenn’s work. I had my first exam of graduate school this Tuesday, immediately following my return from NC and it went a lot better than expected. Hopefully my first grade will reflect that!

Back to the topic of withholding photographs, I do have a few more up my sleeve, mostly more pics from Swati’s wedding. I’ll only post a subset here, but I’ll probably post the rest on Facebook.

this is my dad bribing meena with cherries...
this is my dad bribing meena with cherries…

Also, here’s a random picture of Glenn having dinner before we got our new couch, if only to prove that I’m feeding him balanced meals. Unfortunately we do still eat in front of the TV, since still don’t have chairs for our dining table.

Finally, to show that we are indeed meeting new people, here are the pictures from the neighborhood ice cream social we went to in August. There’s a small park in the neighborhood, where this was held, and in it is a big beautiful tree that Glenn could not resist climbing:

That’s all for now! Lots of love from the Sidneys!

Pooja (and Glenn, I suppose)