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Election Day Pot Luck

November 25, 2008 10:22 am

Well this is a bit late, I know, but better late than never!  On Election day, Nov 4th, we invited a whole bunch of friends over to watch the results pour in while stuffing our faces with some really great food.

Here’s what it looked like by the time I found the camera.

If I remember correctly, we had 13 people at the highest count of the night, so there were more plates on that table that by this time had been taken home.  Hopefully it still gives you a good idea of how well we were all fed!  Leftovers after serving 13 people is a pretty good result I’d say!

More importantly, look closely at the individuals on the couch…

Everyone’s got a Rubik’s Cube, hooray for nerdy parties!  It was actually a really big hit throughout the night.  I gave some mini-lessons post election and that’s how I found out who the REAL cool people were.  Fun times!!

All in all, this was a big test for us.  We knew we could have friends over to sit and watch TV, but eat, too?  We weren’t sure we could pull that part off seeing as how we have almost no real seating.  However people did just fine, being careful with plates in their laps.  It turns out we can throw quite the party!  I’m even happy to say it being the Mr. Anti-social that I typically am.  How’s that for proof of success?