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Thanksgiving, Yum!

December 3, 2008 7:36 pm

As much as Glenn and I would have loved to visit NC over Thanksgiving break, it was too little time for a good visit. So, instead, Shaila came to us! 


She's here!

She's here!

I took the week off from school, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, pretty much all we did was cook and eat. What else would you expect from us, really? AND we cooked everything but the turkey from scratch:

Other than cooking, eating, and watching TV…

… Shaila and I spent some quality time together putzing around Madison. We had some sushi from the foodcarts, poked around in the stores of local artists and vendors downtown, and hung out by the lake:

We did NOT go cow-tipping or buy any cheese… but I think Shaila still connected with Wisconsin.

We DID have fresh Wisconsin ice cream 🙂 And when Shaila had had enough of me, she joined her Glenn jija in playing World of Warcraft… it’s true and I have the pictures to prove it:

Well, it was a lovely visit and we were sad to see her go.

We hope she comes to visit us again SO soon… and we’re looking forward to being in North Carolina again!!

Lots of love!