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The Newest, Cutest, Furriest Additions to the Family

January 31, 2009 1:45 am

Well I know we’re skipping Christmas and New Years photos, but this is just too important to be put off!  Pooja and I have just adopted two of the sweetest cats that have ever lived, Pig Pig and Tiara.

We adopted them yesterday and brought the home for their first night.  The ride home was so sad, they hated the carriers and hated the car worse!  They cried and howled the whole way home, breaking our hearts completely.  But soon enough as they explored the bedroom and meowed pleasantly while nuzzling their faces against our hands, our hearts just melted instead.

Unfortunately, during their first morning, Pig Pig’s behavior totally changed.  I admit, I can’t know THAT much about their behavior after just knowing them for a matter of hours, but she went from permanently cuddling, to pacing constantly.  It turns out, she started peeing blood-tinged every few minutes.  It was so sad to see her play one minute, then dart for the litter box in a panic only to strain and let out barely a drop.  I took her to the vet asap and got her checked up in the kitty ER.

To make a long story short, kitties are expensive and they are trouble!  But the cuddling and silly behavior is just so worth it.  They have the greatest of personalities, I can’t get over it!  I could already write pages about them, but I’ll save that for another time.  Let’s get right to the photos (Tiara is the short-hair, Pig Pig is the long-hair)!

**Many of the pictures are titled now so you know which cat you’re looking at. Just mouse over the picture or click on it. Yay!