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Kitties in the car

February 22, 2009 5:26 pm

Miss Tiara and Miss Piggy Pig Pig got a chance to explore a new space today – the car! We stuck them in their carrier, took them out to the Honda, opened up the carrier, and let them sniff around. From a kitty’s point of view I realized 1) our car is like a room of windows 2) everything is climbable and 3) our car is a lot dirtier than I though it was (oops!) All in all, the seemed to enjoy exploring the new space.


pig pig and tiara

pig pig and tiara


pig pig hangs out

pig pig hangs out

Then, we thought we’d see how they reacted to the movement of the car now that they could see farther than the walls of their carrier. As soon as Glenn turned the engine on, Pig Pig hid in the carrier (good girl!) while Tiara quickly learned to sit while the car is moving. Don’t worry, I kept my hands around Tiara so it wasn’t too dangerous for her. 

It was pretty exciting and they took it really well. Good thing, because it’s all practice for our long trip to North Carolina!

Live Action Footage!!

February 15, 2009 1:20 pm

Here’s Tiara chasing Da Bird in the hallway.  Not her favorite spot to chase, but her favorite spot has terrible lighting at night, you can’t see much!

Recently Pig Pig got a yarn ball in the mail from (Grand)momma K.  After dropping this on the floor, she’ll pounce it and slap it as she runs clear across the apartment.  Once she’s pooped out from chasing it, she’s inevitably wrapped up in it.  Here’s a clip of Pig Pig playing with her new favorite toy.

Here’s two of Pig Pig attacking the comforter on our bed.  Pooja is the one moving her feet under the covers.  Too fun!

That’s all for now!  It’s a bit of work to tweak these.  They’re typically dark coming off the camera, and they get darker still once I upload them to YouTube.  So I have to edit them to over-brighten them first in hopes that they darken back to a good level once they’re uploaded.  Then apparently I’ve broken the audio for the videos.  I’m not sure how to fix that!  We’ll get better though.  Maybe we’ll buy a big crazy video camera just for our kitty adventures!

Snow Pictures

February 10, 2009 10:52 am

Mom has been bugging me sooo much lately about snow pictures!  So even though it’s now the warmest winter day that we’ve had so far, 59 degrees, I’m going to show you pictures of snow.  Here goes!


Update:  After reading Papa Glenn’s comment, Pooja and I decided to add 4 photos to the bottom of the list there.  They were all taken today to show off the warm sunny weather.  Quite the mild winter here in Madison it seems!

More Kit-Pics

February 5, 2009 6:19 pm

We can’t be stopped!

On another note, I put up a Picasa album that will continue to hold more and more kitty photos as we take them.  Bookmark it and visit often!

Pig Pig and Tiara’s First Month