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Entering the Second Month

March 2, 2009 5:29 pm

Well, we’ve had the girls for over a month now! Here’s some more shots of them being adorable. Hold your mouse over each picture for a short narrative of what’s going on.

The twin bed got flipped up against the wall because we’re trying to make space for our air mattress in anticipation of a visitor staying with us who’s coming to check out the school. You’ll notice at first we draped an afghan over it to make it a little more attractive.

I first knew Tiara was intrigued when I saw her try to climb it. She sniffed and poked around at it for a little while, then all of a sudden she leapt into the air (she can do a 5.5ft standing jump easy, pretty impressive for someone the size of a loaf of bread), dug into the blanket, and for what seemed like forever spun her claws furiously as the blanket came tumbling down. Sadly, she didn’t make it, and instead fell back onto the floor. She was so startled that her next move was to dash out of the room at full speed like the blanket was trying to get her! I don’t know the last time I’ve laughed so hard, it was hilarious!

So then we decided to help them out, and so I lifted them both up onto it.
After moving the Twin Bed out of the way to make room, we decided to put the girls up there

Once they started to get fidgety I pulled them back down. We were a bit nervous about letting them try to jump down on their own.

I know Tiara is a pretty good jumper, so we decided to give her a little bit of help in hopes that she’d learn how to manage this on her own.

After coming back down Pig Pig found that she could use the space behind the mattress to hide from her sister while playing hide and seek. It was so funny to watch Pig Pig run in, jump over the box to that space, then watch Tiara come in doing circles meowing. Once Tiara would leave, Pig Pig would poke out her head, hop out, wait a moment, then dash off out of the room after her sister. After chasing across the apartment a bit more, Pig Pig would run back in and repeat the cycle. It was so funny!

Later Pig Pig discovered she could get on top of the mattress all by herself. She jumped as high as she could, and then dug in with her claws to climb the rest of the way. Once Tiara caught sight of that, she quickly emulated her sister.

Today Tiara has been up and down all on her own numerous times. To come down, she slides a few feet, then brings out her claws to dig in and jump the last length of it. It’s very graceful. Pig Pig, on the other hand, digs in her claws right from the start, loses her grip, flops a bit, and manages to catch it again near the middle of the mattress after spinning completely around. Then she lets go, managing to quickly flip around and land mostly on her feet. Not quite so graceful.

Despite the mild danger, the important thing is that they’re both happy and comfortable. Well, at least Pig Pig looks comfortable!  Pig Pig, get your feet out of your sister’s face!
Notice the most comfortable way to sleep is with your feet on your sister's head

UPDATE: We put the blanket back up to see how they’d behave.  They didn’t even try to climb on it.  However, given a bit of pondering time, Tiara figured it out.

Today, they’re both back up there again for their mid-day snooze.  Look how they cuddle!  I’m so glad they’re getting along and feeling content to share their new space.
They're cuddling, how sweet!