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Semester coming to an end!

May 6, 2009 10:03 pm

I know that everyone loves seeing photos of kitties, but I thought I’d go ahead and give you an update on our lives!

The semester, and my first year in graduate school (!!), is coming to an end. My last day of classes is Friday, May 8th and I finish my exams on May 15th. My advisor is holding a picnic on Saturday and the Alibali lab + spouses (that includes Glenn) will celebrate the end!

My first year has been pretty fantastic, I would say. I have made pretty good progress on my first year project. I proposed to my committee and they decided that I’m making good progress and my project was in good shape. So, I’ve started to recruit kids and I’ve already gotten letters from parents who want to enroll their children in my study! I’ll start collecting data in June.

But, between the time I finish exams and begin data collection in June, we’re making a trip to North Carolina! We (kitties included) are completely excited to visit our friends and family! We’re going to leave early in the morning the day after my last exam and drive all day long, no stopping! Just kidding 🙂 but we will drive it all in one day if we can!

As excited as we are, it comes at kind of an unfortunate time for Glenn. He’s just wrapped up a couple of his jobs, and had been looking for new ones. Just when he thought nothing was working out, he got two jobs! One of them is full time, so I think he may have to table the other one (which he’s already started work on!) It’s a little unfortunate that he’s just starting this cool new job and he needs to be super busy but we’re going on vacation.  But, I’m sure it will work out… Glenn is good at figuring that kind of stuff out.

Other than that, I would say he’s doing pretty well. I’ve been making cheese cookies lately, and I just made this delicious chocolate cake for our friend Jen’s birthday (which Glenn had plenty of!), AND we bought a bunch of chocolate bunnies post-Easter when they were super cheap… so I’d say he’s pretty content. I know the way to my husbands happiness 😀

Getting cuddlier every day

9:36 pm

You would not believe it, but they are getting cuter and cuter every day! I think they are getting more comfortable with us and with the space so they’re happy to be themselves! And they are finally cuddling with each other ALL the time 🙂

See for yourself! I’ve posted a subset of the 73 pictures we’ve taken of the girls since our last post (yeahhhhh…) Don’t forget to mouse over for captions!

pig pig thinks school is for dummies. don't go.tiara's pretty facepretty pig pig 

piggy's paws are sticking outpiggy loves the smell of laundrythis box is my bed because i said soill never tell you how i got up heresnuggles by the windowpig pig snuggles with glenn in the morninghanging out on the bedi want to help with your paperworkmmmm shoeslounge kittyokay im in here when are we going to NC?Glenn brings home the tastiest, fuzziest treat