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Chicago Day Trip

June 23, 2009 10:20 pm

Hello, it’s Shaila! Pooja and Glenn are feeling a little lazy at the moment (we just had a really yummy & big dinner.) So I took the job of writing a little blog about the trip we just made.

This past Sunday, we got up early to drive over to Chicago to meet up with a few of our cousins, Anjana and Abhishek. We met up with them at Navy Pier and explored around there for a little. Soon we started to feel hungry and we made our way over to Fox & Obel. The food there was amazing. The place was part market and part cafe. And we all had a very good time. After we ate we went down to Michigan Ave. and did some awesome shopping. For some reason, we couldn’t stay away from the chocolate shops. Pooja bought some bacon chocolate from Vosges, it was interesting to say the least. Later on we also went to Ghirardelli for some delicious ice cream. After all the good eats, we went to Millennium Park to see some super cool artwork. It was a really fun day and we didn’t want to leave, but it was starting to get late and everyone had to get home. It was so nice getting to see our cousins. We all had a really good time. We tried to take pictures (because some people were getting tired of kitty photos :p) so here they are! ūüôā

before I forget, today is also our parents’ anniversary. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

May North Carolina Trip

June 9, 2009 12:34 am

Well we’re back from our long visit to North Carolina! ¬†Since everyone wants to know how the kitties did, I’d better tell the story.¬†¬†As far as they’re concerned, it was Disney World!

We started off at around 5am, or so Pooja tells me. ¬†I don’t remember much until I awoke at least a few hours into the drive. ¬†I’m sure before then I stuffed the kitties into their carrier like always and took them down to the car. ¬†Luckily we had been practicing weekly for that moment! ¬†The girls stayed asleep most of the trip, and mostly under the driver’s seat. ¬†The drive took about 15.5 hours, but it wasn’t that bad thanks to our CD’s of Lightning Thief. ¬†It’s a Harry Potter meets Greek Mythology children’s story, and we both loved it! ¬†The story is super easy to listen to and it kept us entertained for most of the trip.

Once we got there, we spent most of the week in Jamestown. ¬†The girls came out from under the bed in a couple hours and were loving the place! ¬†The next day they clammed up a bit more, but once Mom showed them the screened in porch, they were hooked! ¬†They were much happier to come out and be social after that. ¬†Tiara was stalking birds all week. ¬†We even let them into the yard a couple of times, but under watchful eyes, of course! ¬†Pig Pig, after getting way too dirty, was content to stay on the porch and watch her sister explore. ¬†Here’s a shot of Tiara meowing at a bird!

After Jamestown, we took them to Cary, where they got to meet the rest of the family. ¬†They were a little bit more used to the idea of exploring new places so they actually came out to socialize with the family that very night! ¬†There’s an area in the home there with a bunch of plants that Pig Pig hid in like a mini-kitty jungle while stalking the yarn ball. ¬†Watching her slip and slide on the wooden floor while attacking the yarn ball was hilarious to watch while I TOTALLY CLEANED EVERYONE OUT IN POKER. ¬†That was fun.

In other crazy news, all my parents are moving! ¬†I was thankful that Pooja and I found time to visit Dad and Jeanne’s new place outside of Cary, but unfortunately the kitties didn’t get to sniff it out. ¬†On our last day we headed over to Mom and Jim’s new place to get a head start and a good night’s sleep before our long drive the following morning. ¬†The girls enjoyed exploring, there’s so many windows for checking out the yard! ¬†Strangely, Pig Pig and Tiara got a little confused and angry after sniffing where the previous cats had their litter boxes. ¬†Our vet said that smells can confuse them and make it as if they don’t recognize each other, so there was definitely some serious hissing between them!

The drive home was much easier on the girls. ¬†They were out a whole lot of the time, and they even ate and drank a little! ¬†The way down, they didn’t touch anything, I was so worried! ¬†On the return trip they were pretty comfortable with the car, and they got pretty cuddly, too! ¬†Check out the photo at the end with Pig Pig over the back seats under the rear window! ¬†It was hilarious, I called back “Hey Pig Pig!” ¬†Then she turned, pushed her head over the headrest (with some difficulty) and gave a, “Meaw!” and turned back around. ¬†“What’d you find girl?” ¬†She turns around again (still struggling to get her head poked over the headrest) and gives another “Meaw!!” ¬†It was hilarious! ¬†Then she turned again and watched more out the back. ¬†Unfortunately it was dark by that time, so the picture is kind of bad.

Mom also managed to record a video and some pictures of her own.  Be sure to check them out!

Oh and also in the pictures are a couple of the top from our wedding cake.  The Blue Moon bakery that baked our wedding cake baked us a new top for our celebration of our one-year anniversary coming up soon!  We ate it right away, no sense waiting for the actual date for cake that good!!

Now, on to the photos!