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Moving In

December 13, 2009 7:53 pm

We moved into our first home!! We closed on Nov 9th and started moving in that weekend, we couldn’t wait!! The next day, a bunch of our friends came over to help with the bulk of the stuff, and a few days later we were nearly settled in our new place! It’s so beautiful and we’re totally excited 🙂 Of course, as always, we took tons of pictures of the whole moving process… enjoy!

Madison Blizzard 09

12:41 pm

The snow has truly fallen in Madison! Supposedly this was one of the worst snow days in many many years, actually prompting the university to close for the day! Hooray for snow days! We know what those are like in NC, but didn’t see many (did we see any?) last year. All I know is that the snow tastes great and is fun to play in!!

The night before I went to grab groceries in anticipation of the madness, and the roads were already quite snowy. I took a photo while filling up the gas tank to show how it all looked before the REAL storm hit. The next day I told everyone I couldn’t come into work today because I was snowed in. They all had a nice chuckle in California about that!

The next late afternoon Pooja and I grabbed all of our gear and went out to play! Having snow mounds as tall as us is always fun. We threw lots of snowballs and stomped around plenty and checked out the streets of the neighborhood around us. It’s amazing how fast the sidewalks get cleared! We didn’t have any problem walking all around. They all just have straight walls beside the sidewalks with over a foot high of snow, which also happens to be fun to stomp in.

After our nice loop around to play and jump and lay in the snow, we came back in and had some nice hot chocolate! Ahh what a wonderful snow day!

PS: I got a new toy installed for the photos so you can click on them and navigate with left+right arrows and it will show you the title above. Should be more handing for stepping through the galleries!