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Happy Birthday Pig Pig and Tiara!

February 9, 2010 12:16 pm

Hooray for our girls! We’ve officially had them for one year. A little more than a year ago, they were just adorable photos that we were excited to learn more about. When we brought them home, they were two tiny terrified fuzz balls! Today, they’re the two happiest members of our family. I can’t imagine them not being around!

Just to clarify the date in case you’re wondering, this isn’t actually the day they were born. When we adopted them, they had been at the shelter about a week and their papers, filled out by their previous owners, stated that they thought they were about a year old, but they were found stray originally. Since cats usually don’t grow after their first year, and both of our girls did quite a bit of growing, we’re pretty sure they weren’t actually a year old when we found them. However, instead of trying to guess a couple months back when we really have no idea, we decided to pick a date to celebrate that already had some meaning for us: the day that we adopted them! First birthday with us, not quite two years old. Now we can always remember on January 29th just how lucky we were to find the greatest cats ever.  On another note, the informality of the date means we feel no guilt posting this late… kind of like all of our other posts!

To celebrate, we got a cat tree!! You can learn more about it by clicking here. We put it right behind me in my office next to the window. Previously, they’d either hang out by squeezing in next to my pile of junk on the desk, or by sitting in Pooja’s office chair while she’s away. This is a great improvement!

Here are all the photos we took after setting it up (plus the one I stole from the manufacturer website).  They took right to it!  This morning when I got up I found them both in it again.  Enjoy!