Progress!: Week One

June 1, 2013 9:39 am by Pooja

It’s warmed up again in Madison and we’ve been spending plenty of time outside! A couple of days ago, we were spending one of these beautiful afternoons outside with our neighbors, throwing around the frisbee. And of course, I go and ruin it by letting my foot get twisted in a hole in the ground!!

Well, I’m okay, mostly. Just hopping around on crutches when I’m not on the couch trying to keep my foot elevated. Unfortunately, it also means that for the second week in a row I’m going to miss the Saturday market! Glenn is there without me (the horror!) after I used the Farmstand app to show him exactly what I wanted from each market and vendor. And it’s a long list this week to meet my goals! Included in that list is a whole chicken. We’ll see what he comes back with 🙂

So here I am at home, patiently awaiting a facetime call to see what’s at the markets for myself. I won’t be there to eat a yummy market breakfast, but perhaps I will console myself by eating the rest of these almond butter chocolate chip cookies I made from Om Boys almond butter for last night’s game night:

cookies1almond cookies

Also, here are some pictures of last week’s lunch, finally!

lunch salad Ham and Smoked Gouda, yum!

Okay, back to business!

I decided to challenge myself, and now, after one week, I think it’s time to ask, how much progress have I made? To do that, I have to revisit those goals of mine.

Goal 1) To eat fresh local food! Well, yes, I did that. And it was yummy.

Goal 2) Eat healthy! I think I met this goal well this week, too. I was pretty satisfied with balance of each meal. Lots of veggies in relatively low-in-fat meals.

Goal 3) Don’t break the bank! I spent about $90 in groceries this week, including what my CSA box costs per delivery. That’s $8.75 for my CSA box, $52 at the local markets, and $29.61 at a grocery store. So, about 1/3 of our food dollars were spent at the grocery store and  2/3 were spent at the market/CSA, whoopie! There is one caveat though. I pulled some ham and tofu out of the freezer this week. Because proteins are expensive, this probably means that I spent less on food than I might in other weeks. I hope that I’ll add back to my frozen stash of goodies in other weeks, so this may all balance out in the end, but I did avoid addressing my last goal.

Goal 4) Learn more about buying local meat! I wanted to buy some fish from a guy at Hilldale and then he wasn’t there on Wednesday (wah wah). Alternatively, I’ve been thinking about buying fish from the Seafood Center, which is very close to home. I’m not sure whether or not this meets my goal, since it’s not a market and I’ll probably buy a non-local variety (like salmon, which I love). But, these true fishmongers come highly recommended (friendly service, lots of knowledge, very fresh products), and they have an “eye on sustainability”, which I do appreciate. Either way, this goal is  a standing challenge for next week!

sage and strawberries

Just for fun – here are the strawberries we picked from our garden today. Three cheers for uberlocal eating :)

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