Black Bean & Lemon Rice Burritos with Garlic Chipotle Salsa

June 10, 2013 7:00 pm by Pooja

Sounds fancy, doesn’t it?


It’s not. Ha! I made some yummy black beans (cooked down with garlic, oregano, chili vinegar, and a little bit of brown sugar), but that was about the end of the actual cooking. Tonight’s burritos were made with market tortillas, lettuce, and the star of the show – the Garlic Chipotle Lime salsa from “Chip Magnet”! We also used up some non-local cheddar that’s been open since we started our challenge. Oh, and the lemon rice? That’s a funny story.

I wanted to make lime rice, since that’s what goes on black bean burritos, right? Alas, I had no lime and did not want to go to the store just for one measly lime. So, I thought, why not do lemon rice?

Oh, lemon rice. If my mom were here she’d laugh. Lemon rice is a south indian dish that I used to LOVE as a kid. I mean really love. One day, my mom and I were looking through old crafts from my early childhood (because at some point, you have to throw all of that out!) And we came across a “cookbook” written by my preschool class, which included every kid’s favorite dish. On my page? Lemon rice: Get some rice, add some lemon, sprinkle on the peanuts. Ta-da!

Oh little minds. Did I really think lemon + rice would make lemon rice?

Well, why not? Why not fry a little cooked rice and add some lemon? That’s what I would do for lime rice, right? So I did. (Yeah, not even close to real lemon rice :).) Guess I was wrong about that recipe, but it made a pretty good burrito filler.

Anyways, this was delicious, but we did not care for the expensive local tortillas. I think we will feel really good about including yummy local cheddar and salsa next time, since the kraft doesn’t measure up and the Chip Magnet salsa was probably the best salsa I’ve ever had. (And I’m picky!) Now that I’m out of black beans, we’ll buy some dried black turtle beans on Saturday at the Westside market for next time. But, we’ll probably just buy our tortillas from the store. I’m okay with that.

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