Progress: Week 3 and Market Bounty

June 15, 2013 5:43 pm by Pooja

Goal 1) To eat fresh local food! Yes we did! About 76% of our food dollars went to a local vendor this week.

Goal 2) Eat healthy! I think I was particularly successful on this front with the kale and sausage soup and the black bean burritos. The saag paneer was a little fatty, but you can’t go wrong with all those greens.

Goal 3) Don’t break the bank! Okay, this is what I was worried about this week. Remember our market bounty? I went a little crazy! Well, it felt that way after spending $67 at only one market. I’d hoped that the inexpensive CSA veggies ($8.75/box) would even things out, but then we went to two more markets (and spent $9) and two grocery stories. That’s $85 at the markets along with $22 at Woodman’s  and a $6 block of paneer from the indian store. Oh, I wish I’d planned better! And made my own paneer!

In my defense, I also cooked for my girlfriends in the middle of the week with an extra $10ish of ingredients. If we’d gone out to eat, I would have spent at least that much on just myself. I took little from my freezer this week. And, I have RP’s pasta, broccoli, kale, and most of the pepper jack leftover from last week. (The result of a lack of planning!) I think if you take all of that into account, I think the extra $$ was not wasted and I’m okay with that.

I did reflect on some ways to cut down my spending. First, I need to buy less at the first market we go to so we have room to buy at other markets! This requires planning 🙂 For example, I bought 3 RP’s pastas at one time last week – WAY more than we needed. In the end, I was glad because it meant I could cook for my friends with ingredients I had on hand. Second, I think some things are just worth getting at the store.  I feel pretty strongly about buying happy local meat, but happy local tortillas? It ain’t gonna happen again, I’m sorry. Also, as much as I love RP’s pasta and will continue to buy it, I’m going to supplement the good stuff with less expensive store-bought pastas for very basic dishes in which there are other local ingredients to shine. The way I see it is buying some of the more processed goods at the grocery store will free me up to buy more whole foods locally. I have to make some choices to make this work for me, and that’s one of them (for now, at least).

Goal 4) Learn more about buying local meat! Hooray for chicken brats! The andouille sausage was super good, and by cooking it in that stew, it stretched across several mealtimes. We really enjoyed this, but at $7 for a 12 oz package, I would probably be better off buying ground chicken from them at $7.50/lb, since I took the casings off anyways! But really, I should get more comfortable with other, whole cuts of meat that are much less expensive. I swung from whole chicken all the way to brats and I needed a happy medium. We’ll call that a success once you see this weeks market bounty!!

 June 15th

 Garlic ($2), feta ($4.25), sugar snap peas ($3), sun gold tomatos ($3), 3.4lbs of bone-in pork shoulder aka boston butt (teehee! $17), potatoes (yay!!!! $6), strawberries ($4), cottage cheese ($3.75), black turtle beans ($3), and my breakfast ($3.50). We got more Chip Magnet salsa too ($7), I don’t know why it didn’t make it into the picture! And Glenn got some sort of muffin that he ate so fast that I barely caught a glimpse of it at the market. And onwards into the fourth week of the challenge!

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