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Ricotta dumplings and summer squash sautee in a tomato sauce

July 14, 2013 10:00 am

Here it is. Ricotta dumplings with quick-sauteed summer squash in a homemade tomato sauce.

Ricotta dumplings

Don’t let the lack of color fool you. This was a perfectly well-rounded summer meal.

Now, I’ve used a recipe very similar tomato sauce to this many times in the past. So, here’s the big question in my mind: Is using fresh tomatoes better than using canned tomatoes?

Of course, our Canopy tomatoes are not only local and fresh, but also grown in a body-healthy way and free of any dangers of canned tomatoes. But, for less than $7.30, surely I could have found organic, glass bottled ¬†or “BPA-free” tomatoes at the grocery store?

Maybe you’re thinking: don’t the fresh tomatoes taste much better? Well, they taste different, that’s for sure! (I mean, look at how orange that sauce is!) This fresh tomato sauce was just cooked for a mere 45 minutes. And it still tasted of fresh tomatoes – sweet and just a little tart. I added little to it – not even salt and pepper, just a bit of basil. It was a great accompaniment for the summer squash and light, fluffy dumplings. My only complaint is that is sure was a lot of work… and it was a totally different sauce than the rich sauce that I typically make with the canned stuff. So, I don’t know that I can really say that it was “better”, just another delicious sauce.

But wait! There is perhaps an even yummier alternative. Thus far, I have shunned the $6 and $7 market marinaras, except for the one time I bought one that I decided was better as a tomato curry (weird, but true). However, since the total cost of my sauce was more than that anyways, it looks like it’s time to rethink market marinara!

At any rate, this was a delicious meal. The ricotta dumplings were a lovely alternative to pasta (and a great way to use up a bit of leftover ricotta!) and the summer squash was salty sweet and wonderful. We grated just a little bit of fresh parm on top and it was perfect for a summer Saturday.